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    Our Word Count tool provides the Character Count, Word Count, Paragraph and Sentence Count of your chosen text. It can be used to help aid you in the creation of your Amazon Product listing. Amazon has a clear set of rules for the length of its title bullets points and description.

    Also we added a keyword count to help you see your main keywords for your product listings. You can input your own copy here or insert your competitors to see there lengths and keywords.

    Amazon has a clear set of rules when it comes to Character Length for Title, Bullet points and description. That is why we created this tool to help you know how many characters are in your title bullet points and description. It will also tell you how many times a keyword has been used.

    Amazon Character Limits

    Product Title = 200 characters max

    Bullet Points = 500 Characters total 100 Characters per line.

    Product Description = 2,000 Character Limit