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Titles Not Following Amazon Guidelines Will Be Surpressed​​

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Amazon Just announced that starting on July 22nd2019, all titles that go against Amazon’s guidelines will be suppressed within the search results. Their reasoning for the change is that it results in poor customer experience. This might be a huge impact for a lot of sellers who’s titles don’t fully comply or are loaded with keywords. Especially sellers who have a large inventory. Amazon suggests that title length should be a maximum of 50 Characters.

Amazon Title Guidelines

Here are the guidelines your products should follow if you don’t want to get your product listings surpressed.

  • Amazon Titles Must not exceed 50 Characters in Length. There are exemptions to certain product categories. Check Here to see if you have restrictions.
  • Capitalize the first letter of every word an exemption to this is and which can have a lower case other all first letters of each word should be capitalized.
  • Do not use &, unless it is part of your brand name.
  • All numbers must be written as numbers and not words. e.g 12 instead of twelve.
  • Measurements need to be spelled out and not abbreviated.
  • Do not put prices, promotions, or suggestive commentary in the title (e.g. don’t say a product or you are the best)
  • Do not use any symbols or  Type 1 High ASCII characters.
  • Color and size do not need to be in the title if it’s not directly relevant to the product or the product doesn’t have any variants. If the product does have variants then color or size must be used (e.g. if an item only comes in one color or size, like a stainless steel toaster)

This is a huge change by Amazon and I can see a lot of ranks changes happening in the future. This potentially could cause a huge shift in rankings of products currently not on the first page. Do to not coming up for the same keywords there listing where before.

Let me know you thoughts on this in the comments below.

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