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Trademark for Amazon

The importance of a Trademark when selling on Amazon.

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When you first start selling on Amazon most likely you won’t have a registered trademark for your brand.  You had plenty of other things to worry about up until now. Having a registered trademark on Amazon is extremely important. There is a number of benefits that will increase sales, brand loyalty and help protect your account.

When starting out your company or private label. It is important to start the trademark process as soon as possible. Once you decided on the Niche that you are going to sell in then you should start the trademark process. Why? Well because trademarks take about 6 months to a year before they go live. Keep in mind your business will still be protected by the trademark from the day you start the process. But you will be unable to use that trademark on Amazon until it is officially registered with the USPTO.

So you will be going nearly a full year before you are able to use some of the benefits that Amazon offers to those with a registered trademark. Which is a long time and can make starting out a lot harder than it needs to be.

Benefits of having a Registered Trademark

Brand Registry

With Brand Registry it allows you to create a storefront for your brand on Amazon. This area will allow you to add images and products that you are selling to better describe your brand and help sell your brand’s story. If you don’t have a storefront when customers click on the brand of the product it just takes you to the search results for your brand. With Storefront, you are better able to display not only your best selling products but also display all the different categories that you sell in with unique and better descriptive images.

Enhanced Brand Content (A+ Detail Page)

Enhanced brand content allows you to create enhanced images and text right on the product detail page. Without EBC you will just have a text area known as the product description. EBC can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively. It gives you the opportunity to better sell your brand image or allow you to create more detail text and add more images to better describe to the consumer what you are selling. EBC can see a 30% increase in sales for products that are using EBC correctly. This is especially important when you are first creating a product and a brand that no one has heard off you are better able to describe with details your brand image and set your product apart from your competitors.

Early Review Program

The early review program allows you to enlist SKU’s that are active on Amazon with less than 5 reviews on the product. Amazon then will send out emails to customers who have previously purchased your product asking them to leave a review. Amazon will then give the reviewer a small reward $1-$3 amazon gift card for leaving the review. The reviewer doesn’t know beforehand that they will receive this reward before placing the review.

This program does not guarantee the review to be positive and you can still receive a 1 star from this program. So keep that in mind if you plan on using the early review program.

Enrollment for the program cost $60 per parent SKU enlisted, so if you have an SKU with 5 child variants then each variant will be able to get the review from the $60 charge. The charge will be added to your account once the first review is placed on that product. And the Parent SKU will be eligible for the program until it receives 5 reviews from the program or your SKU has been listed for a year depending on which one comes first. If your product receives a review, not from the program this won’t be counted for a total of 5 reviews.


Now having Brand Registry does not guarantee that your listing will be protected from hijackers trying to sell your product. Either they are selling a fake item or obtain your product through some other means. Most of the time it is fake. But it will open a window for you to submit a request to Amazon. Stating someone is selling your product and is not allowed too since you are the registered trademark holder. you have rights to that product.

The only way to stop hijackers completely is to have Amazon Gate your brand but this is a huge process and is really only available to large brands like Nintendo etc. So this won’t be an option for most sellers. Best advice on getting hijackers removed from your listing is actually not to go through Amazon but to hire a lawyer to send out cease and desist orders straight to the offender. Then show that to Amazon if it doesn’t work and hopefully, amazon will remove that seller from your item. Most of the time a seller will stop once you send a cease and desist order, most people don’t want to run the risk of getting sued.


Without brand Registry, you are still able to create sponsored product advertisements on Amazon. With the brand registry, you have more options for advertisement available to you. Headline search ads are only available to companies that have a registered trademark. They display in the search result pages as headline banner ads always above the result listing. These ads are cost-per-click and lead searchers to any specified page on Amazon. These types of ads are extremely important. When trying to establish a brand within a certain niche. Because they will display above the search on your targeted keywords.


Products with a brand registry, enhanced brand content and a storefront tend to rank a little better than those that do not. Amazons A9 Algorithm main purpose is to show the best product for the consumer. The product that has more details like images and text is seen by the algorithm to be indeed better. Please note that having a registered brand does not guarantee that your product will rank better. There is a lot more that goes into ranking a product on Amazon then just EBC and Brand Registry. But it will help influence a better ranking over time compared to not having it.

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