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Amazon Prime Day 2020

Prime Day is now October 13th – 14th. But is it worth it?

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Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. With setbacks brought on by Covid-19 and consumers’ need for services such as Amazon to deliver their goods. Amazon has been unable up until this point to host such an event. Earlier in the year, Amazon set out to hire 100,000 employees for the FBA warehouses. Which was to cope with the sudden rise in sales, since most retail locations have shut down. leading most consumers only one option Amazon. We as sellers have been working through these times. Some of us find it more challenging than others. As each of us has had to go through our own set of challenges. but in the end, it has all been a learning experience.

Amazon by this point probably should of just cancel Prime Day altogether. I mean in a couple of years from now are we going to look back at 2020 sales and blame the lack of Prime Day the reason we did bad or was it the COVID? We can look at the other end of the spectrum. Sellers are finding it hard to actually keep the products in stock. The numbers are off the charts. Everything from June onwards has been selling out. Since there has been stress put onto there supply chain. But what happens if you are able to keep up with the demand. do you risk selling products for a lower price and increase the risk of selling out when Q4 is knocking at our door?

See Amazon by this point has pushed Amazon Prime Day so far back. That not only sellers have to prepare for Q4 but so do the consumers. Yes, it is great we get a sale day in October. But what happens if you run out of inventory in December? That same item could have been sold at full price in December but you decided to Run a Prime day discount and lose 30% and ran out of stock at the same time.

Prime Day also wasn’t as heavily advertised as previous ones. Yes people are aware of it but I personally think this isn’t going to be a huge event and I think it will be wise to start putting in reasons for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I can see a uptick in sales happening across the platform. But for it to warrant a discount on other items that aren’t Amazons (Fire Stick, Tablets etc.) might not be worth it.

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