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Request a review button

Amazon Has Made a Big Change to Review Requests

With a simple click of a button you are now able to solicitate reviews from your customers on Amazon. They ...
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Amazon Update on Return Process

Amazon is Making Changes to the Return Process

Amazon has recently made two major changes to returns. That will affect US and international sellers. First change is that ...
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Reviews change to Ratings on Amazon

Amazon Replacing “Reviews” with Ratings

Amazon has started to change the reviews to ratings. What does this mean? Well basically a customer is now able ...
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Amazon is making changes to there sponsored product targeting

Amazon is making updates to its sponsored product advertisements. By adding new sponsored product targeting options to the campaigns. These ...
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Amazon’s new type of promotion​ 7-day deals

Amazon has announced that they are now doing a new type of promotion called " 7 Day Deals". Sellers are ...
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Titles Not Following Amazon Guidelines Will Be Surpressed​​

Amazon Just announced that starting on July 22nd2019, all titles that go against Amazon's guidelines will be suppressed within the ...
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Seller Fulfilled Prime Discount

Referral Fee Discount for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Quick Update: From now until December 31st, you may be eligible for a 60% discount on referral fees when you ...
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Amazon Updated Search Term Field

Well if you have been looking around the back-end recently you might of noticed that there is now a warning ...
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