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jungle scout bulk review request feature

Jungle Scout Adds Bulk Review Request for Amazon

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Amazon has recently made a change to the request for a review feature. Allowing you to request reviews right inside seller central without the need for a 3rd party service. Until now this was a manual process and you would have to request reviews for each one of your orders. If you are making multiple orders per day which I am sure you are. This can be a rather time-consuming process.

Amazon request a review feature

(I have previously made a post on amazon making changes to review requests you can read that for the full story.)

Jungle Scout has just recently added a new feature that automates this process for you. Jungle Scouts bulk review requests come along with there Chrome Extension. Now you can simply request reviews for products that have been delivered. Please note that the review request will only work on products 4-30 days after the delivery date. Anything shorter or longer will not be valid.

Jungle Scout Review Request button in seller central.

This new feature will fit right into your seller central account. It simplifies the entire process. It will even automatically omit request reviews for orders that have been returned or exchanged.

In order to start using this feature all you need is an active jungle scout extension. ( This feature is not available to lite extension users.) Currently, it is active on the following marketplaces Amazon US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, India, Mexico, Italy & Spain.

to activate the Bulk Request Review Feature

First log into your sellers central account then follow these steps:

  • Go to your Manage Orders tab
  • Click JS Extension icon which is located at the top right in our browser

There will be a pop-up window asking you to accept some additional permissions (Enable chrome notifications must be turned on otherwise the popup won’t work.)

Click here for instant access
  • Press the Click here for instant access! 
  • Click Allow on the pop-up window to accept the additional permissions 
accept the jungle scout extension

Your Screen should refresh if it doesn’t just hit the jungle scout icon again.

Thats It! you are now able to run bulk review request with your extension.

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