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Selling on eBay using Amazon FBA

How to sell on eBay using Amazon fulfillment

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Using Amazon FBA doesn’t just have to be used for selling your products on Amazon. You are able to take advantage of Amazon Fulfillment services even if you are selling on eBay or your own store. While it is easy to create a multichannel fulfillment order. Using it as a multi-channel fulfillment option might not be the best idea depending on your business. Through this article, we will tell you how you can use it as a fulfillment strategy and the pros and cons of doing so.

How Ebays Sellers can get started on FBA

If you are already selling on eBay and want to get started with Amazon FBA. Follow these tutorials on how to set up a sellers account, create your first product listing and send in inventory to Amazon FBA.

  1. Create an Amazon Seller’s Account
  2. Create a Product Listing
  3. Send inventory into Amazon FBA

Doing those three steps should get you up to speed to start using Amazon FBA as a multi-channel fulfillment solution.

How To Create a Multi-Channel Fulfilment Order

It is relatively easy to create a multi-channel fulfillment order, all you have to do is select your product and create a fulfillment order. Instructions are below:

  1. Go to the Manage Inventory.
  2. Select the edit button dropdown menu next to the item that you want to ship.
  3. Then select create a fulfillment order
multi-channel fulfillment order page

4. This will take you to multi-channel fulfillment screen. You are able to enter the name & address that you want to send that item too then select continue.

5. The review screen will allow you to select the shipping method. You are not allowed to select your own carrier just the shipping time that it will take to get there. Either Standard, Two-Day or One-Day shipping.

Things to remember when using FBA for eBay.

Using Amazon FBA multi-channel fulfillment method. It might not be the best option for some companies. While it does have its perks using it as a full-time solution isn’t the best option. It is great if you are just first starting out and will allow you to scale your business at the start but in the long run, you will need another inventory management solution.


Using Amazon FBA to fulfill orders on other channels such as eBay can help reduce the number of stocks that you are storing within Amazon. Long Term Storage fees will cost you in the long run, so if you have a product that is selling better on other channels then try taking the inventory out of Amazon after a sale to save money on long term storage fees.

Quick Shipping times – Amazon FBA has quick shipping times to the continental US. With your inventory being able to reach your customer within 1 to 2 business days.

Global Fulfillment Centers – Amazon has fulfillment centers all over the world. Imagine being able to store and fulfill inventory in Germany. This allows you to scale your business across the globe without worrying about having your own warehouse or other storage/fulfillment method.

Amazon Handles the warehousing- You won’t have to pick and pack every time you get a new order. FBA will handle pretty much everything all you have to do is either package the whole shipment yourself or have your freight forwarder handle it.

Amazon has made an update on the fee structure for multichannel fulfillment orders starting on April 1st, 2020. Now they are offering cheaper fees when Shipping orders through multi-channel fulfillment.


eBay does not officially recognize Amazon shipping as a carrier. Their only approved carriers are UPS, USPS, and FedEx.  You are still able to ship to your customers using Amazon shipping but if the customer files an INR claim. It might make it hard to defend it, even if you provide the shipping the Amazon gives you. 

All packages that leave an Amazon warehouse are going to have an Amazon shipping box. This might cause some confusion for your customer upon receiving the package from Amazon even thou they ordered it through eBay. Some customers might double-check the price on Amazon. If your product is price higher on eBay the customer might file a return or leave a negative review saying they can buy it cheaper elsewhere.

Storage Limits and Slow Moving inventory might set you back a lot when it comes to storing inventory in FBA. Long term storage fees can really add up quickly. So this is not the place to be storing inventory for long periods of time. Also if you aren’t actively selling on Amazon. They will set limits on the amount of inventory that you are allowed to have within FBA.

Once you send in inventory to Amazon FBA the storage of your units is no longer controlled by you. Amazon can easily place some of your inventory across the country or even loss some. ( Amazon will reimburse any lost or damage inventory. if it is there fault.)

Summary of using Amazon FBA for eBay Orders


  • FBA offers 1 to 2-day shipping on multi-channel fulfillment orders.
  • there are no minimums on the amount of inventory you are allowed to store.
  • Amazon provides the warehousing- pick and pack and shipping of your inventory.
  • Offers warehousing to help scale your business faster.
  • Amazon has distribution centers all over the globe allowing you to scale overseas.
  • Across the board, the new fees introduced have decreased for sellers.


  • Fulfillment cost on multi-channel is more expensive than selling on Amazon.
  • Slow-moving products can increase storage costs quickly.
  • Insurance, signature verification and returns are additional costs.
  • Amazon packaging might cause some confusion for customers buying on different channels.
  • Customers might purchase on Amazon driving sales away from other channels.
  • Inventory distribution between warehouses is not controlled by you.

FBA is a viable option for eBay sellers, but  whether it suits your business or not, we’ll let you make that decision.


While it is easy to use Amazon FBA as a multi fulfillment channel. It might not be the best solution for long term multichannel fulfillment. Mainly do to Amazon shipping products in there branded packaging which might cause some confusion for your customers who are ordering off of Amazon. Recently Amazon has made an update on their fees associated with multi-channel fulfillment orders luckily it is now cheaper to send.

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