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How To Apply for GTIN Exemption on Amazon

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If you are deciding to sell products on Amazon, each product that you are going to sell will need a GS1 barcode in order to list that product. Which can really add up the starting cost to your business if your manufacturer doesn’t already supply one? Luckily there are ways around supplying a GS1 barcode and that is getting a GTIN exemption.  This article will go through the needed process and what you need in order to apply for the GTIN exemption.

Do you qualify for GTIN Exemption?

This is pretty simple you can’t begin the process of GTIN exemption without qualifying for it first. But don’t worry the only way you won’t qualify is if that product is already listed on Amazon. So if you are selling someone else product you shouldn’t even think about trying to get GTIN exemption because most likely it is already on Amazon.

1.) Is your product currently listed on Amazon.
If your product is already on Amazon then you already have a GTIN you can’t ask for an exemption on something that is already listed.

If your product isn’t already listed on Amazon either by you or someone else then you qualify to submit a GTIN submission.

What you need before you can apply.

Before you begin to apply for GTIN exemption here is a list of what you are going to need. This will help you save some time.

1.) If you are selling any product that isn’t already listed on Amazon you will need a support letter form from the brand owner, manufacturer or publisher if they did not provide any GTIN’s in the first place. You can download the template letter here.

2.)A link to your website. the link should be to the product page that you are submitting. If you don’t have a website yet then just upload product images to a 3rd partying hosting. But I do highly recommend having a website when you are selling private label items.

gtin exemption support letter for brand

gtin exemption support letter for brand.
The Support Letter Looks Like this

Important: When following the next steps in the creation of GTIN exemption you will need to fill out category information for the product you are looking for an exemption for. It is important to put in the correct category that you want to sell in when applying the for GTIN exemption. As this category has to match the one you applied for when you created the product.

How to Apply for GTIN Exemption

  1. Go to the GTIN exemption . Alternatively, you can search for GTIN Exemption in the Amazon search bar inside seller central. if that link doesn't work.

  2.  You will have three sections to fill out one naming the type of product, a brief description of the type of product and to submit the support letter from the brand owner, manufacturer or publisher.

  3. Download the appropriate template letter. You can find the Template Letter Here.

  4.  Fill out the template. Be sure to enter an SKU for each item and have the URL for your item’s image on hand Please remember that the SKU's you enter will be final and will have to match when you go and create a new product.

  5. Save the updated template.

  6.  Click the Browse button on the GTIN exemption page and browse to your saved template and upload the template to Amazon.

  7. Click Submit on the GTIN exemption page.

  8. Wait for approval. You will receive a notice once Amazon reviews the application.

  9. Once you receive the notification you will have to wait another 24 hours before it becomes active. Then you will be able to proceed with Steps 10-12 Which is adding your product.

  10. Go to the Add a new product page on seller central. or create a new product how you normally do.

  11. Categorize your product. It must match the category that you provided in the template in step 4 this is important because Amazon will delete the product if it doesn't match with what you put in for GTIN exemption.

  12. Add all other information making sure it matches with step 4 that includes title, images, SKU, etc.

Common Questions About GTIN Exemption

  1. What is GTIN exemption?

    In order for you to list a product. Amazon requires you to have a GTIN ( Global Trade Identification Number)for each product in your catalog. By applying for GTIN Exemption, you are asking Amazon to ignore the use of a GTIN because you are unable to obtain one from your manufacturer or yourself.

  2. What is the difference between UPC and

    Actually nothing they are the same. UPC stands for Universal Product Code while GTIN stands for Global Trade Identification Number. They are both unique identifiers for products. Just GTIN is apart of the GS1 barcode family.
    Read this article for more information on Amazon Barcodes.

  3. How do I know my GTIN exemption request was accepted.

    Wait 24 to 48 hours after applying for the GTIN exemption Amazon should notify you that your request was accepted. But this isn't always the case. to double-check that your GTIN exemption was accepted try creating a new product listing for the category that you applied for. Enter all the required information except the GTIN. if you are able to create a listing without the need to submit an ASIN it works.

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