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amazon lightning deal

How to Create a Amazon Lightning Deal

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Amazon Lightning Deals are a fantastic way to promote your brand, increase sales velocity and rank better within Amazon. Each product that is submitted for amazon lightning deals get a promotion slot within today deals on amazon.

Today's Deal page on Amazon

This Tutorial goes through the needed steps in order to create a lightning deal. We will cover how to qualify and the steps in the creation of your first advertisement.

How to Qualify for an Amazon Lightning Deal

Amazon Lightning deals are a fantastic way to get a product to rank better by increasing sale velocity. But if you are a new seller it might be a lot harder then you think to get started with Amazon Lightning Deals. You can’t just add any product to Amazon lighting deals first they need to be eligible for the promotion before you are even allowed to list them.

How to become eligible for lightning deals?

  1. Sales History In order to qualify for a lightning deal, your product must have a sales history with an average of a 3-star rating and above.
  2. Variations Include as many variations as possible
  3. Professional Account Yes, you are going to need to have a professional sellers account before you can become eligible. Also, you need a sales history so by the time you have more then 40 sales a month you might be eligible.
  4. No Restricted Products No restricted products such as offensive, adult toys are allowed to be sold as a deal.
  5. Prime Your product will need to be Prime eligible in all states, including Puerto Rico. So all inventory needs to be in FBA or you need to be fulfilling as seller fulfilled prime.
  6. Condition Products must be listed as New Condition otherwise they won’t qualify, so no used or likenew products.
  7. Seller Feedback You will need to be able to obtain 3 or 4 seller feedback per month in order to qualify, this is probably the hardest part.

(Please note: Amazon does retain the right not to display your lighting deals and the rules are subject to change depending on the category that you are selling in)

After taking a look at the key points which make you eligible for a lightning deal. The hardest part to overcome is the seller feedback and sales history. Everything else should fall into place once you have been running you Amazon account for long enough and convert your listings to FBA. To get enough feedback I suggest to use  Feedback Five to send out feedback and review requests.

How to Create an Amazon Lightning Deal

After logging into seller central Click Advertising and follow the drop-down to Lightning Deal or Click Here.

Select Lighting deal from Advertising Drop down

This will take you to the lightning deal submission page. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to see the products and deals that you can qualify for through lightning deals. If you don’t see any products listed then you don’t qualify for Amazon Lightning Deals.

Upcoming events and scheduling page

As you can see there is an upcoming events tab which is mainly used for Amazons biggest deal events like Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Below that is the recommendation section this is where you can see what products you qualify for and what Amazon recommends you to put up for sale.

By default, you land on the create a lightning deal page. To actually create an event you will need to click on one of the products that are in the recommendation tab or click on see all recommendations.

Please note you can click on any one of the products listed and on the next page you will be able to edit the dates for when you want to create a lightning deal.

Amazon Lightning Deal Submission Page

On the create a lightning deal page there is there sections that you will need to take a look at.


This is when the lightning deal will run. You can select which week you want your deal to run. Amazon will then pick what day and time the deal actually shows. (During peak season and special events the pricing for lightning deals vary. so keep that in mind when selecting the week to run the deal on.


This is where you set the discount that you will be giving to your customer. There is a minimum amount that you are allowed to discount in order to qualify for the deal. Amazon will show this directly below the price section.


This is the amount of inventory you will be willing to allocate to the deal. You must have that amount or more in FBA 24 hours before the event is due to launch in order to qualify. Also like price, there is a minimum amount of inventory you must have this is also located below

Once you fill out these sections your deal is complete. You can proceed to submit the Amazon Lightning Deal.

Your Lightning deal has been submitted.

To make sure that your deal is active. you can select the upcoming and active tab. This will show you the scheduled events that you have created.


Setting up an Amazon Lightning deal is rather straight forward with the hardest part being actually qualifying for the deals. Once you have submitted your deal make sure that you will have enough inventory in FBA to cover when the deal will run and to make sure it will cover the week before that in sales since FBA inventory does take some time to clear.

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