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how to change your store front name on amazon

How to Change Your Amazon Storefront Name

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Are you wondering if you are able to change the name of your Amazon store? Well, the answer is simple Yes!, you can. This is easily done. For some sellers, when starting off selling in a certain niche they create their Amazon store for that niche. Like “USB Drive Direct” a simple name telling the user exactly what they are selling. But what happens when you want to expand and start selling on other categories? What if you are no longer selling USB Drives but somehow got into “Charcoal Facemasks”. For the Amazon shopper seeing a seller name “USB Drive Direct” coming up for a seller selling Charcoal Faskmasks is going to cause some confusion. Which may even lead to a shopper buying from another seller over you.

If you are rebranding or looking to add a more generic name to your business. Then changing your seller’s name is easy and pretty much straight forward. We will take you over the step by step process.

How to Change your Amazon Store Name

  1. Log into Amazon Seller Central (Make sure you are logged in as the main account holder. Other users will not have the permission level to do this.)
  2. Go to your settings tab at the top right corner of your dashboard and click Account info.

3. Click the Edit Button or your seller profile to be taken to the correct screen. You will see each market place that you are listed in. Click the edit button next to store details to proceed.

4. Now you can change the store name to your desired name. ( you must change the name on each market place that you are selling in. So you will have to repeat the process.)

(You are not able to take someone else brand name even if they aren’t listed on Amazon.)

What to consider when choosing a name

If you already have a name there are a few things you should consider before you making the change.

  • Why do you want to change your name in the first place? Is there going to be a greater benefit to changing the name? Just make sure to ask yourself these questions so you don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • If you have already gotten a Registered Trademark then I suggest not changing your brand name.
  • Try to keep your brand name similar to that of your website, social media, and packaging. If you don’t have any of these set up then I suggest at least checking if the domain name is available or just purchasing one in the meantime.
  • Do you have repeat customers? if you have repeat customers then changing your name will cause confusion.

How to Choose your Brand Name

Be Memoriable – Saying be memorable is a lot easier than actually creating a memorable name. To create a memorable brand name it is best to use one to two words. That is unique, something that stands apart from other brands. SanDisk is going to be more rememberable then USB Drives Direct.

Evergreen – choosing a brand name should be a name that you can use no matter what products you are selling. Think of Casper, for example, they sell mattresses and other bedding. But that name could easily be used to sell network modems or flavored teas. Best advice pick a name so you don’t have to read this article again.

Don’t Copy – Don’t even come close to someone else brand name even if they aren’t in the same niche. make a name like Gillette’s phone protectors. Isn’t going to set you up for a better brand. Also if your name sounds similar or has the same meaning as someone in your niche then you might not be able to get a registered trademark if they have one already.

Using Keywords your Amazon Storefront

This might be a little bit of a debate on whether or not you should use keywords like your brand name. If you are selling USB Drives and name your storefront “USB Drives”. There will be very little to no effect on the SEO benefits from this. Remember this isn’t a google search engine. This is the Amazons A9 algorithm, meaning that they will rank products higher based on sales before they would be based on Keywords.

While brand names will come up in the search on Amazon they shouldn’t come up in such a broad term as USB drives. So when you are creating your name for your store to try to keep it Brandable, Unique and Rememberable. This way you stand more of a chance for repeat customers remember your store name.

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