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how to qualify for premium shipping options

How to Become Eligible for Amazon Premium Shipping Options

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Amazon Customers have gotten accustomed to not waiting for there products. While Amazon already offers Free Two Day shipping with Prime. There is still a market that wants there shipment in one day or same-day delivery. Also, this can be a good way to get a leg up over your competitors by offering faster shipping. Luckily Sellers that have great performance standards can now qualify for One day and even same-day shipping.

In April of 2019 Amazon made an announcement that they will be investing more the 800 million. This investment went straight to setting up a better infrastructure to be able to offer free one-day shipping. Trying to set themselves above Wal-Mart and other competitors. They also eased the minimum purchase requirement to allow more customers access to the free one-day shipping.

Currently, these options are only available in North America but In the future, it should be made available elsewhere. Below we will list the premium shipping options and way for your brand to qualify.

What Are the Premium Shipping Options

Premium shipping options are only available to proven Amazon vendors. That has previously demonstrated the ability to ensure fast and reliable shipping for the customers. These options are only available to customers with an Amazon Prime account and sellers within the United States. The following options classify as premium shipping options.

  • Same Day Delivery
  • One Day Delivery
  • Two Day Shipping ( Seller Fulfilled FBA)

To become eligible for any of these programs your account must already be in good standing with Amazon.

  • Must be selling on Amazon for more the 90 Days.
  • Have a Valid Tracking Rate of 99% or greater.
  • On-Time Delivery Score of 97% or Greater
  • Finally a Cancellation rate of less than 0.5%

If your company doesn’t meet any of these requirements you are able to file a plan of action for an Eligibility Revocation. Or try to improve your rates. All rates are based on a trailing 90 day period.

Requirements for Same Day Delivery

Currently, same-day delivery is only available in certain major metro areas within the United States. It is also only available to sellers the meet their strict performance regulations.

Current Same Day Delivery on only available in Los Angeles, San Deigo, New York, Chicago and Miami.

Requirements for Same Day Delivery:

  • Professional Selling account
  • Sold on Amazon for at least 90 days
  • Have the Ability to process an order within 60 Minutes and Provide Valid Tracking information.

For most sellers, this is not going to be an option but if you are a manufacturer and have a warehouse in these areas you can apply for the same day delivery.

Requirements for One Day Delivery

One thing Amazon is known for is being customer-centric. One of there main steps in satisfying there customers is offering fast and free shipping. As mention before Amazon has made an 800 million investment to help create free one day delivery on their platform. They want to keep the customer happy so they are only allowing certain sellers that they can trust to send items with one-day delivery.

Remember: Same-Day Delivery, is only available to sellers with high performance. 

The requirements for this program are.

  • Have a Professional Sellers Account
  • Selling on Amazon for at least 90 days
  • The on-time delivery rate of at least 95% or Greater
  • Have an on-time shipment rate of at least 99% or Greater
  • Meet the following performance requirements on a trailing 30-day basis:

Note:  If do not maintain these metrics for the trailing 30 days you will become ineligible for this service and it will be canceled on all offers.

How to Become Eligible for Premium Shipping Options

1. An Active Seller/Vendor Account

For all of these shipping options, you must have a professional seller account. Also, you must have previously self-fulfilled shipments over the previous 90 days. All sellers must have at least 90 days of history before they can become eligible.

2. On-Time Delivery Metric

The on-time delivery metric is measured based on the delivery of your orders. All orders must reach the customer before the estimated delivery date. Which is one to two days after the order has been placed. If the carrier attempts delivery but failed for whatever reason to deliver the package. It won’t affect your rating and Amazon will classify this as delivered.

Your on-time delivery must be at least 95% or greater in order to qualify for one-day delivery. The cut offer time for one-day delivery is 1:00 PM. Meaning that during any business day before 1:00 PM the order has to be shipped for the next business day. if the order is placed after 1:00 PM it will have to be shipped the following business day.

3. On-Time Shipment Rate

The on-time shipping rate is measured by when you send out the package. Unlike the delivery metric if the order was placed for an example on Tuesday evening you must send the package on Wednesday. If you don’t and send on Thursday but the package arrives in its intended delivery date of Friday. This merit would be hit and the on-time delivery wouldn’t change.

You must keep 99% of your orders be sent out in a timely manner during business days. Major holidays and weekends are excluded.

4.  Tracking

You must provide valid tracking information for all shipments. Unless your shipments are being handled by Amazon FBA. Tacking numbers must be inputted using what was given to you by your desired carrier. Tracking numbers will only be valid if the carrier has at least one scan on the shipment. You also must be a 94% valid tracking rate in order to qualify.

5. Cancellation Rate

The cancellation rate for all of your shipments must not exceed 1.5% and must have fulfilled a minimum of 10 orders over the trailing 30day period.

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