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Feedback Whiz Review

Feedback Whiz Review – Automate Review Request with Ease

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Are you looking for a way to automate the solicitation of reviews on Amazon? Is your product struggling to gain traction due to the limited amount of reviews on your listing? Then look no further than Feedback Whiz. A review solicitation software that will help you not only boost sales but will save you time as well. Allowing  you  concentrate on more important aspects of your Amazon FBA business.

Remember getting positive reviews on Amazon will have one of the biggest impacts on your ranking and sales. This is a double edged sword, negative reviews will destroy your listing. You need a way of automating the review process while being able to spot any negative reviews that might harm your product listing. Without software that can automate these processes. You will be wasting time everyday going through all of your product listings trying to find negative reviews or manually submitting a feedback request for every order placed. Trust me there are a million other things you can be doing with your time.

So let’s jump in a start learning about Feedback Whiz and what it can do for your Amazon FBA business.

What is Feedback Whiz

Home Page of Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz is an advanced automation tool that allows you to solicitat reviews on Amazon, track orders, product reviews, listing hijackers and returns. Basically it is a piece of  software that looks out for the overall health of your sellers account. By automating, monitoring and managing.

By Automating the overall health of your sellers account you will be saving time. Remember automation is one of the most powerful tools online sellers have for  organizing, and cutting expenses. By using this software you will be saving yourself time and cutting the cost of hiring a VA to do the job for you. Which is exactly what Feedback Whiz is trying to do for you. Monitor, automate and manage the overall health of your seller’s account. With easy to use software that you and your employees will be able to use.

How does Feedback Whiz Work?

As I said before Feedback Whiz is an automation tool for Amazon sellers. Every successful product on Amazon has a large number of positive reviews backing it. By Maximizing the amount of Feedback Requests sent to your customers the more chances of increasing your total amount of reviews. Which is pretty simple logic. Using Feedback Whiz automation software you will be sending out emails to your customers a week or two weeks after purchase. To every single customer that you have. You can even send emails to repeat customers. ( They are more likely to leave a positive review if they purchase from you more than once.) No matter what your review strategy may be Feedback Whiz supplies the automation needed to do so. 

Now what if someone left a negative review on your product listing? With there notifications you will get a text to tell you something is wrong with your listing. Giving you details of the review who did it and when. Allowing you to quickly act on the issue. By sending out an email apologizing for the mistake and gives you a chance to correct any issue the customer might have had. As part of Amazon TOS you can’t ask the customer to change the review but if you supply good customer service, customers will notice this and do it on their own. Saving you from lost sales and decrease in ranking.

Feedback Whiz offers more than just product review automation. Let’s take a look at some of the key product features that Feedback Whiz has to offer.

Key Product Features

Feedback Whiz Key Product Features

Feedbackwhiz looks after the health of your Amazon sellers account by offering a number of different features that come along with their tool. These features are all aimed at getting you more reviews, giving you insight into how your product is doing and notifying you if anything goes wrong. All while being a completed automated process based on what you want as a user.

  • Easy to Use Dashboard. 
  • Analytics and Tracking.
  • Statistics and Graphs.
  • Automated Email Campaigns.
  • Event Notifications.
  • Repeat Buyer notification.
  • Positive Feedback.
  • Duplication Email Detection.
  • Buyer/ Order Blacklist.

  • Advanced Search Options.
  • Email Campaign Filters and Timers.
  • Template Builder.
  • Logo and Attachments.
  • Custom Email Links.
  • Custom Buttons.
  • Live Preview.
  • A/B Split Testing.

All of their features come with Feedback Whiz, I am going to go over their main features below to better describe what they do.

Email Automation

Custome Email Campaigns

This tool wouldn’t be what it is without a way of automating your emails. Feedback Whiz has an easy to use platform. That allows you to create  automatic emails campaigns. These campaigns will be sent out automatically based on the criteria that you set. From only sending emails to repeat buyers or automatically adding a customer to a blacklist if there was a return request. There is even a way to set up multiple different email campaigns for different  criteria allowing you  to split tests to see which is working better over a period of time.

Template Editor: Included is a easy to use template editor that allow you to insert product images, order information, link and customizable buttons to help suit your own branding.

Order Management System

Order Management System

Feedbackwhiz manages and tracks all of your orders within a database. From customer data, order details and previous emails that you sent all get recorded on one platform. This data then can be easily filtered to find exactly the data the you need. Saving by quickly looking up a order ID or scanning through the database finding repeat buyers.

Advance Analytics

With features that break down each campaign that is sent out. Like being able to see if a customer has left a negative review to repeat buyers. You will be able to view the open rate of each one of your emails allowing you to easily split test different campaigns to see which template is working best for your brand.

Feedback Repair

Feedback repair

Get a instant notification sent to your phone once you receive a negative review on one of your listings. This will allow you to quickly act and try to correct any issues your customer may have had with your product.

Notifications don’t just stop at someone leaving a negative review. You will be notified if you lose the buy box on your Amazon listing. This could be do to a competitor taking over or someone hijacking your listing. Remember in situations like this timing is everything.

With this system you will be able to easily find the negative review and contact Amazon support directly from Feedback Whiz or send a email to the customer. The quickly asset templates or see


Feedback Whiz has a number of different pricing plans to suit your business needs. From a free plan with 150 emails per month to there ultimate plan offering unlimited emails.

Feedback Whiz starter package is just $19.99 and includes 2000 emails per month and 10 different campaigns on per marketplace. Each additional market place is going to be a extra $10.00 per month unless you are on the Ultimate plan. Which includes unlimited emails campaigns and marketplaces.

Feedback Whiz Pricing
Free Plan($0.00 per month)Starter Plan($19.99 per month)
150 emails monthly
1 email campaign
1 Marketplace included
Basic Support
2000 emails monthly
10 email campaigns
1 Marketplace
(Addtl. marketplaces $10)
Basic Support
Basic Plan($39.99 per month)Professional Plan($79.99 per month)
5000 emails monthly
Unlimited email campaigns
1 marketplace (Addtl. marketplaces $10)
Basic Support
Unlimited monthly emails
Unlimited Email Campaigns
1 marketplace
(Addtl. marketplaces $5)
Expedited support
Ultimate Plan($139.99 per month)
Unlimited monthly emails
Unlimited Email Campaigns
Unlimited Marketplaces
Dedicated Account Manager

*NOTE: For more than 5,000 ASINs. Contact Feedback whiz for a plans and customized pricing to suit your needs.

Feedback Whiz Review – Is It Worth It?

Anyone from a beginner seller looking for a way to automate there review request to sellers with thousands of different ASIN. There is something for everyone.

Feedback Whiz is a easy to use intuitive piece of software that looks after the total health of your Amazon sellers account. Allowing you to quickly access essential features and metrics. All while saving time so you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

You can eliminate the repetitive tasks that are associated with keeping your account in good standing. such as email automation and tracking negative reviews. With a easy to use software where you will be able to quickly create new costume templates to test out different types of campaigns.

What are the Flaws?

No product is perfect there will always be some sort draw backs not matter how good it is. While feedback Whiz does offer a very good piece of software that does come with my recommendation. Currently it is not available on all of Amazon marketplaces world wide. They cover US and European markets as of this moment.

Current Amazon marketplaces Feedback Whiz covers are US, Mexico, Canada, UK Spain, Italy, Denmark, and France.

Pros and Cons


  • All the tools needed to look after the health of your sellers account.
  • Email automation.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Analytics, Email Tracking and Performance Reports.
  • Create customer template and buttons for email campaigns.
  • Free Plan (150 Emails Per month.)


  • Not All Marketplaces are currently supported.

Alternatives to Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz is one of the best email automation software on the market. of course If you are unhappy or not sure if you should choose it over its competitors then you can have a look at our reviews on Feedback Five and Feedback Genius.

Here is a quick Comparison Chart:

Feedback WhizFeedBack GeniusFeedback Five
Free Account (150 Emails/ Month)Free Account (100 Emails/Month)Free Account (50 Emails/Month)
Customizable Templates and ButtonsCustomizable TemplatesCustomizable Templates
Available Markets, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .frAvaiable Markets, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .frAvailable markets Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr
Text and Email NotificationsText and Email NotificationsText and Email Notifications
Rules for ExclusionRules for ExclusionsRules for Exclusion
Unlimited Users ( Paid SubscriptionUnlimited Users (Paid Subcription)

When choosing between Feedback Whiz competitors you will notice that they all offer similar features to each other. Feedback genius does come with other tools and has turned into a software that isn’t just about review automation. Feedback Whiz on the other hand is all about review automation. Giving you all the tools that are needed at a price point that is better than it competitors.

Price Comparison Table

Feedback WhizFeedBack GeniusFeedback Five
Free Account (150 Emails/ Month)Free Account (100 Emails/Month)Free Account (50 Emails/Month)
Starter $19.99 (2000 Emails / Month)Start Up $20.00 (1,000 Emails / Month)Basic $9.99 ( 250 Emails/ Month)
Basic $39.99 ( 5,000 Emails / Month)Growth $40.00 (3,000 Emails / Month)Pro $29.99 ( 1,500 Emails / Month)
Professional $79.99 (Unlimited Emails / Month)Premium $80.00 ( 10,000 Emails / Month)Enterprise $59.99 (8,000 Emails / Month)
High Volume $250.00 (60,000 / Month)*Custom Pricing for Larger Plans

Feedback Whiz offers more competitive pricing compared to its competitors. Even with there free option you are gaining over 50 emails per month compared to Feedback Genius. For there starter program there is 2,000 emails a month at just $19.99 more then double the amount offer by Feedback Genius at the same price point.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a email automation tool to help look after the health of your Amazon Sellers account then look no further than Feedback Whiz. They offer a full set of tools that are competitively priced with there competitors. With the added bonus of a simple to use software that can help anyone get to the next level.

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