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feedback genius review

Feedback Genius Review: Perfect Review Management System?

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Growing an Amazon business is not easy. From creating a product to getting your first sale. It takes time, dedication and hard work. Then it is time to grow your product listing and get positive product reviews which are critical to your success. That is where feedback genius comes in by offering an easy way to reach out to your customers and get feedback on your products. Feedback genius automates the entire process for you saving time and money.

Overview of Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius Logo
Feedback Genius by Seller Labs

Feedback Genius by Seller Labs is an automated feedback solicitation and management system. Giving Amazon Sellers the ability to monitor their reputation, solicitate feedback and increase overall customer communication. With an easy to use software designed for getting more verified reviews on Amazon.

Feedback Genius is one of the many helpful programs that Seller Labs have on offer. They also run Ignite, Scope, and Quantify. each one of there programs is aimed to help Amazon sellers grow. from offer Advertisement tracking, inventory management, and keyword research tools. For more information please check them out here.

Feedback Genius Features

Email Automation

Well, this is the reason after all that you are looking for review management software. Feedback genius makes it easy to create emails for automated campaigns to send to your Amazon Customers. With different templates for after order, return and feedback requests. you also are given the ability to blacklist customers that meet certain criteria, so you don’t send the wrong email to the wrong person.

Campaign Analytics

Get actionable data on the strength of your email campaigns. By monitoring the click-through, feedback and open rates of each one of your campaigns. Giving you the ability to make adjustments with data to back it up.

A/B Testing

While having the data behind your campaigns is great. Putting them in action is different. Feedback Genius gives you the ability to split test different emails templates which is important to turn that data into results. Adjust product titled, add images and new copy to see what is working best for each campaign.


With each subscription, levels come standard with a few templates that are fully customizable. Giving you the basic building blocks right off the bat to start your first email campaign.

Multiple Marketplaces

There are multiple marketplaces available. currently you are able to send emails in the United States, Canada, Mexico Market Places As well as in Europe with the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Each account Comes free with 1 marketplace and it cost an addition $10 per month for each marketplace that you add.

Filters and Blacklisting

There are 10 filters to pre-define who you send emails to or not. Also, you are able to blacklist certain buyers from your campaigns. Increasing your chances of not receiving a negative review from hard to deal with customers.


Feedback Genius offers a generous 100 emails a month free and competitively priced paid subscriptions. Making feedback genius a perfect option for sellers just starting out or veterans with a high volume of sales.

EssentialsStartupGrowthPremiumHigh Volume
$0 / Month$20 / Month$40 / Month$80 / Month$250 / Month
100 Emails1,000 Emails3,000 Emails10,000 Emails60,000 Emails

Review of Feedback Genius


Easy to Use Software

Feedback Genius boasts an elegant design for creating automated emails campaigns with ease. Emails can be edited to assign products, place images and customer information with just adding a few shortcodes. The core features that you will be looking for in a feedback management system are all here.

Feedback Genius is beautifully designed, easy to use and has helped me increase the numbers of reviews on Amazon with ease.

Competitively Priced

As far as pricing goes Feedback Genius is on par with its competitors offering a 0.02 per email for its start-up plan. The start-up plan cost $20.00 per month for 1000 emails, for example, Feedback Express, on the other hand, cost $20.00 for 1000 emails matching the price of Feedback Genius.


The main complaint is their bad customer service. There are a number of reviews stating that the customer was ignored or didn’t receive a promote response from Seller Labs. Also charges being placed on their card after the cancelation of there subscription.

Other things to look out for is the pricing structure. While there lower tiers are very competitively priced and are on par with its competitors. When you start to reach high volume, there are cheaper options out there.

Alternatives to Feedback Genius

If you are not happy with Feedback Genius then we suggest using Feedback Five. We have previously made a Review on Feedback Five. So if you are struggling to decide I would recommend checking out that article.

Here is a quick Comparison Chart:

FeedBack GeniusFeedback Five
Free Account (100 Emails/Month)Free Account (50 Emails/Month)
Customizable TemplatesCustomizable Templates
Avaiable Markets, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .frAvailable markets Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr
Text and Email NotificationsText and Email Notifications
Rules for ExclusionsRules for Exclusion
Unlimited Users (Paid Subcription)

When choosing between the two, they both offer similar benefits. Both have all they need features that you would be looking for in a feedback automation tool. There isn’t much that separates them apart. Feedback Genius offers 100/ Month emails on there free account while Feedback Five is a little cheaper when you are using 60,000 emails a month.

Your Thoughts

We would love to hear on what you guys think Feedback Genius. Please leave your rating and review below. We want to create an environment where all the products we recommend are also recommended by our readers.

Final Thoughts

Feedback Genius is a fantastic platform for email automation. With an easy to use interface. They hit all the key points when it comes to an email solicitation service at a price which is comparable to its competitors. While they did have some reviews relating to there customer services issues. I do believe that Feedback Genius is still a viable solution for your feedback needs. If you want to get started click this link.

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