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Feedback Five Review

Feedback Five Review: One of the Best Amazon Feedback Tools?

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Having a feedback solution is a must for success on Amazon. In fact, research shows that soliciting feedback will improve your online reputation over time. With 67% percent of online shoppers are influenced by reviews before they make there purchasing decision. Without having an automated system or a marketing plan to obtain reviews for your products you will be left in the dust by your competition.

Overview of Feedback Five

Feedback Five Logo

Feedback Five by eComEngine offers a feedback solution to help you connect with your Amazon customers. It gives you the ability to grow your brand and build a reputation on Amazon. By easily managing your feedback and reviews. It is loaded with features such as feedback removal deletions request and text notifications that will help you automate your business.

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Email Automation

Well, this goes without saying but Feedback Five automates the process of requesting feedback and reviews from your customers on Amazon. Giving you the option to manually send out a request or to set up a campaign to automatically do it for you.

Feedback Five has just recently updated this feature to comply with the changes Amazon has made with how you request a review. Now you are able to request a review right inside seller central with a “request a review” button. You will now still be able to comply with Amazon rules and regulations with feedback requests but have a tool that will automate this process for you.

SMS Notification

You are able to receive email and SMS notifications when you get a negative review. Allowing you to respond quickly to any negative reviews you might receive on your products. This is important because negative reviews have a far greater impact on your listing then a positive review.

Template Builder

It is easy to build email templates with feedback five already coming with templates that you can fill out with your companies information. With a few shortcodes, you can add the buyer’s name and the images of the product the customer bought.

Also, feedback five will include a professional designer for the Enterprise plans to design a custom email template for you.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Easy to use dashboard

This is one of my favorite features of feedback five and that is their UX design. Their dashboard is super easy to navigate and gives you all the needed information from sales data to the number of opened emails. Which is important if you are testing what subject lines work best. Everything can be viewed from the main dashboard for quick and easy status updates on your campaigns.


While this future should be included within there dashboard, it is easy to filter through your customers to see if they are repeat buyers. Which is great because repeat buyers are more likely to leave a positive review.

Also, you are able to not send emails to customers if they meet certain criteria such as excluding orders for late shipments, out of country orders and check out by Amazon. This helps to make sure you don’t go over your monthly limit on emails.

Unlimited Account Users

For its paid subscription feedback five offers an unlimited amount of users. Which can come in handy if you are sharing access across your company? Having more eyes on your account to better track negative reviews, feedback and even split testing different titles on your email campaigns.

Feedback Five Pricing

Pricing chart

Feedback five is competitively priced with a pricing structure that is suited for businesses of all sizes. Offering a free plan of 50 emails per/month to 8,000+ plus with the enterprise edition.

per month
per month
per month
$59.99 +
per month
Emails Per Month
Monthly Emails
Monthly Emails
Monthly Emails
10 Campaigns
(Per Store)
Unlimited Campaigns
Tracked ASIN’s
Tracked ASIN’s
5 Tracked ASIN’s10
Tracked ASIN’s

Review Of Feedback Five

I personally have been using feedback five for a number of years and that is the reason why I am writing this review. From personal experience, this is one of my favorite feedback solutions to use. I have gone months using this to months not using it and on average I see a 3% increase in the number of reviews I receive while using feedback five. Which of course boosted my sales tremendously, and I don’t think any seller should live without this.



On Price feedback Five is competitively priced compared to its competitors on the 1,000 emails a month range.

The Pro Plan by Feedback Five Cost $29.99 which has 1,500 emails per month works out to 0.019 Per Email

Feedback Genius For there start-up Plan Cost $20.00 per month for 1000 emails and 0.02 Per Email

Feedback Express Costs $20.00 per month for 1000 emails and 0.02 Per Email

Please note Feedback Express and Feedback Genius have different tier structures to there pricing. I am only comparing the prices on the closes to 1,000 emails.


All the main features that you would expect to find in a feedback tool are included on all feedback five, feedback whiz and feedback genius. All of them are rich in features.

What really separates feedback five apart is that it is easy to use. navigation, easy customization of emails and tracking of orders all can be access from the main page.

Feedback Five Also offers SMS text notifications which are handy when negative reviews first come in. Responding to negative reviews fast will help protect your product listing.


Accounts Suspended

(Feedback Five has made changes to there system and update the “Request a Review”. This eliminates the chances of having a policy violation from soliciting a review through Feedback Five and it being Feedback Fives Fault. Along as you follow the rules you should be fine.)

This is worth noting that Amazon updated its policy on the number of emails you are allowed to send to customers. During this update some people got their accounts suspended by Amazon because they were sending multiple emails. Feedback Five used to send one email for feedback and one email for a product review. Now, this is not entirely their fault the sellers shouldn’t have had that setting on in the first place. But the since have addressed this issue. Also, have this act as a warning not to send multiple emails to the same user soliciting feedback.

Alternatives to Feedback Five

Feedback Five is a fantastic email automation software and is the one I currently use for my Amazon FBA business. But if you are looking for something else like Feedback Whiz or Feedback Genius we have laid out a quick comparison chart.

Here Is A Quick Comparison Chart: 

Feedback WhizFeedBack GeniusFeedback Five
Free Account (150 Emails/ Month)Free Account (100 Emails/Month)Free Account (50 Emails/Month)
Customizable Templates and ButtonsCustomizable TemplatesCustomizable Templates
Available Markets, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .frAvaiable Markets, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .frAvailable markets Supports,, .ca, .mx,, .de, .es, .in, .it and .fr
Text and Email NotificationsText and Email NotificationsText and Email Notifications
Rules for ExclusionRules for ExclusionsRules for Exclusion
Unlimited Users ( Paid SubscriptionUnlimited Users (Paid Subcription)

All of the email automation software available does offer similar features to each other. Feedback Five are competitively price and offer great customer support. Plus this isn’t there only tool they have a full range of tools at different pricing levels to help you with your Amazon FBA business.

Price Comparison Table

Feedback WhizFeedBack GeniusFeedback Five
Free Account (150 Emails/ Month)Free Account (100 Emails/Month)Free Account (50 Emails/Month)
Starter $19.99 (2000 Emails / Month)Start Up $20.00 (1,000 Emails / Month)Basic $9.99 ( 250 Emails/ Month)
Basic $39.99 ( 5,000 Emails / Month)Growth $40.00 (3,000 Emails / Month)Pro $29.99 ( 1,500 Emails / Month)
Professional $79.99 (Unlimited Emails / Month)Premium $80.00 ( 10,000 Emails / Month)Enterprise $59.99 (8,000 Emails / Month)
High Volume $250.00 (60,000 / Month)*Custom Pricing for Larger Plans

Feedback Five has a slightly different pricing structure than its competitors that better suite beginners with limited orders per month and huge sellers that have very high volume. If you are somewhere in the middle then Feedback Whiz has a slightly better pricing options. So if you are sending a couple of hundred emails a month then a basic plan on Feedback Five will be the cheapest monthly option out there. Also if you are sending 10,000 + emails a month Feedback Five is also the cheapest.


Final Thoughts

Feedback five is a great solution if you are looking for an automated system to send out solicited emails. With a large range of features and competitively priced this is the perfect solution for your business. It has a large number of customizable templates to use for your email automation campaigns, and as long as you comply with the Amazon rules about review solicitation. Then you should see an increase in the amount of reviews your receive while using this software. Check out them out here.

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