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Prime Exclusive Discount

Everything you need to know about Prime Exclusive Discounts

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Amazon just recently announced a new feature called prime exclusive discounts. This new type of discount works similar to sale price but is exclusively for Prime members. Sellers also need to have Prime-eligible products either through Fulfillment by Amazon or Seller Fulfilled Prime. This new feature will display a discounted price underneath the regular price which now will be crossed out, plus the typical savings summary like 15% etc. will display in the search results and the product detail page.

Also, On Prime Day, products will display a Prime Day Deals badge similar to running a lightning deal. You have until July 5th2019 to submit your products for the prime day deals badge. Just make sure to check the Prime Day Deal Checkbox when submitting your products for approval.

Eligibility for Prime Exclusive Discounts

The following criteria must be followed in order to receive prime exclusive discounts:

  • All Products must be in Amazon FBA or qualify for Prime Shipping. Please note this feature is only available in the united states.
  • Products must be in New Condition.
  •  A Three-star rating or above is needed in order to qualify.
  • The Prime exclusive discount must be at least 10% off or more compared to other promotions running for non-prime members. With the minimum total discount being 20% off.
  • The Discount must be greater than any discount applied in the last 30 days.
  • No restricted product is allowed to be listed.

How to Create a Prime Exclusive Discount

First navigate to the prime exclusive page which is located in the advertising sections

location of prime exclusive deals
Located under Advertising

advertising / prime exclusive deals

This then will take you to the main page, where you will be able to submit your prime exclusive discount from here just click the create discount button.

Prime Exclusive Deals
Prime Exclusive Deals

Also, this page will act as a way to edit and view your current prime exclusive deals that are running.

Naming Prime Exclusive Deal
Remember the Check is this Prime Day Discount if you want the ad to run on Prime Day.

Next you will need to name the discount. If you are running multiple discounts make sure to name each discount appropriately. Also, there is a checkbox to make this discount for Prime Day. If you want this to run on Prime Day make sure to check this box. You will need to submit this before july 5th 2019 to qualify for this years prime day.

upload template file

Next you will up load a excel template file. You can download that file here.

Their template is pretty straight forward just enter the SKU of the product, The Deal amount either amount off or a percentage. There is a drop-down menu to select the type. Finally just click upload.

Review Prime Exclusive Deal

The final step is to review all the details of the deal. This should be all the information you just uploaded with the template file. Make sure everything is correct then hit Submit Discounts.

Final Thoughts

Prime exclusive discounts look like they are going to be a good way to boost sales for this coming up Prime Day. It is easier to qualify for this then it is for a Lightning Deal for sellers that don’t get regular feedback. So for any product that doesn’t qualify for Prime Day Lighting Deals or if you don’t have the marketing budget to cover the cost of the Deals then this is a good option for you.

I will be monitering the impact of this deal coming this prime day. Please let me know you thoughts on this new feature or if you had success in the comments below.

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