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Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Best Amazon Product Research Tool to Grow Your Amazon Business

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Amazon is a very competitive marketplace. Making it harder and harder for new sellers to get started. Without proper product research, you are jumping into the deep end without a way out. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is list a new product blind in a competitive niche. Its a death sentence. What you need is a way to screen hundreds and thousands of prospective products. This will allow you to figure out if there is customer demand, the amount of competition, and margin of opportunity that you have. You are looking for the diamond in the rough. Without an Amazon Product research tool, you are going to be making your life harder for yourself trying to find the perfect product.

Luckily there are tools available that let you automate this process. They allow you to deep-dive into your prospective product. So you can make an informed decision on your next product that you want to list on Amazon.

We created this list to show you the best paid and free product research tools currently on the market. So you can make an informed decision without wasting money on a product that will never succeed from the get-go.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scouts the best Amazon product research tool

Jungle Scout is a fan favorite for product research on Amazon. Because of its uncanny ability to find winning products for you to sell. With tools like Niche Hunter, product catalog and product tracker you will be able to find a product that will work for you with relative ease. With over 70 million products in there database and the ability to cyber through thousands of listings at once. It will make your product research

Lets take a look at some of there product research features that Jungle Scout has to offer:

Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter allows you to identify profitable products, niches, and keywords. By searching the Amazon database. It will rank products based on key data points such as competition, Listing Quality and Opportunity Score. Giving you a clear overview on some potential new products.

Competition: A score between 1 to 10 showing the level of competition for that product. 1 being less competitive 10 be very competitive. Keep in mind you are looking for a product that doesn’t have a lot of competition but has high demand.

Listing Quality Score: listing score measures how well the product listing is optimized for Amazon. Meaning if your competitors have a badly optimized listing you have a chance to succeed. A well optimized product listing will eventually beat the competition.

Average Price: Gives you the average price of the listing based on your competitors pricing. Giving you a idea on where you should be at and how low you can go to beat the competition.

Opportunity Score: This is based on a few different metrics. But if the opportunity is high then you stand a far better chance and succeeding.

Product Tracker

The product tracker allows you to track the history of a certain product. Giving you insight into how well something has been performing over time. Product tracker will give you information such as Best Seller Rank, Price, Units Sold, Inventory in Stock, reviews, and more.

Once you found a product Idea that you are thinking about going with. It is always good to check the competition and figure out how much they are selling the amount and reviews they have. and their rank. All of this information will be used to better tell if this niche is worth getting into.

Product Database

Jungle Scouts Product Database home page

With more then 70 Million products within Jungle Scouts database. The Product database allows you to filter through thousands of products at once in every niche. there is also tools include like profit calculator, international marketplaces, and product ranking. This will make your product research all the more easier.

Jungle Scout isn’t just a research tool. Greg Mercer has gone all out on his content. Giving you case studies, webinars, ebooks and a blog all packed with information to help you learn the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. With Jungle Scout you are not jumping into the deep end but going downstream with a paddle.

Just have a look at some of the additional features that are included with Jungle Scout.

Key Product Features

Jungle Scout has more to offer then what I have just listed. From inventory management to alerts sent to your phone if something goes wrong. Take a look at some of the other features that will be at your disposal.

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Academy
  • Product promotion
  • Alerts
  • AccuSales Estimates
  • Supplier Tracker
  • Opportunity Score
  • Rank Tracker
  • Sales Analytics
  • Inventory Manager
  • Listing Builder


Jungle Scout offer two types of software one is a web-based software know as jungle scout. They also offer a extension that can be used with a chrome browser. Alternatively you can bundle these two together for $69.99 a month. Adding jungle scout and the extension makes for on of the most powerful product research combos online. Even if you just go for there chrome extension it is one of the cheapest product research tools on the market.

Pricing for Jungle Scout

Helium 10

Helium 10 Homepage 2nd best Amazon product research tool

Helium 10 is a close second to Jungle Scout when it comes to product research on Amazon. With a powerful set of tools that has everything, you will need to launch a successful FBA business. That goes far beyond the stand product research and will help you in pretty much every aspect of selling on Amazon. If fact helium 10 offers a lot more then product research making it a great all-round tool.

Let’s take a look at some of Helium 10’s product research tools

Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box is a database filled with over 450 million products. Using a series of smart filters. Giving you will be ability to cipher through thousands of products in a manner of seconds. Making your hunt for the perfect product so much easier.

There are a number of different filters you can use with Black Box. like search by revenue, price, review metrics and shipping size tier. Which is it basic filters to adding advance filters like


Cerebo by Helium 10

Cerebro is a powerful too that is not only great for finding new products but also creating them. Cerebro is a reverse ASIN look up tool. By just plugging in a URL to a product you will get all the information needed. It will list all of the keywords that the product is ranking for. The amount of competitors it has and the search volume for each keyword. Not only will this give you insight into the keywords your competitors are using but also allows you to judge the level of competiton.

Cerebro ranks each product with a IQ score. that allows you to quickly judge the level of competition for a given product. this score is based on a ratio of search volume. The higher the score the better the chances of success. making it a very powerful tool for conducting keywords research and finding the perfect product.


Trendster helps you find trending niches within Amazon, by showing you previous sales data. Allowing you to clearly identify new markets trends for a product which you can take advantage of. You can also plug in any ASIN to see the if there is any seasonality to the product.

Trendster also integrates with Google for you to be able to search any keyword and see if there is a

Key Product Features

Helium 10 isn’t just a product research tool it is a full suite of tools to help with the overall success of your Amazon FBA business. Everything from email automation, listing, keyword tracker and research. This product will not only save you time but give you valuable insight to increase the overall sales on. your sellers account.

  • Product Research
  • Trends Finder
  • Keyword Research
  • Reverse ASIN Lookup
  • Coupon Abuse Prevention
  • Reimbursement Assistance
  • Keyword Processor
  • Listing Optimizer
  • Keyword Index Checker
  • Product Rank Tracker
  • Listing Monitor
  • Email Automation


As I said before Helium 10 is a full pledge suite of tools that will help you improve the overall sales on Amazon. With emails automation to listing optimizers. The valuable insight that these tools are able to supply will partially pay for themselves.

Just for being a Amztut reader you can save on your month or first months subscription just by entering the following code at check out.

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Enter AMZTUT50 To get 50% off your first months subscription.

Pricing for Helium 10


Not to be confused with us. AMZScout is a powerful chrome extension used for find profitable products in any niche. A simple and easy to use plug in the will allow you to uncover winning products with ease.

The Product Database

AMZscout product database allows you to login to there dashboard and simply search for any product. It will return results for any keyword, product, ASIN. Showing you all of that search terms competitors and similar products.

Once you find a potential product all the the details, product images and other data will be presented to you. Giving you the cost of the good, potential revenue it might generate and the number of competitors that a product has.

AMZScout will also help you sniff out a potential niche. With filters to see a number of different categories while being able to link those niches to trend data. Gives you insight in to the stability or future potential for a product.

Product Tracker

After searching through the Amazon database for potential products to sell. You can save your search results of any product that meet your criteria. Allowing you to access this information later or track a product over time to see how it is doing. All the need information like sales data and trends will be there. Given you the ability to make a informed decision on a number of potential products all at once.

Key Product Features

  • Product Research
  • Competition Research
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Profit Calculator
  • Trend Analyzer


AMZScout offers competitive pricing for its monthly plans at $44.99 per month. Will give you access to all of your there features. Unlike it competitors they also offer a Lifetime access to there software. At $199 which might seem steep at first. but if you are going to be using this software for longer then 5 months it will pay for itself. Making it a cheaper option in the long run.

Best Free Amazon Product Research Tools

Unlike are paid counterparts, free tools tend to be more one dimensional. As in the only offer one or a couple of aspects to your product research. Meaning you will have to either use more than one tool or want to have as much access to some of the data points that the paid products have. You will still find what i listed below beneficial even if you already have a subscription.

(Please note: For our free Amazon product research tools we did not rank them from best to worse. This is a general list of what is on the market. )

Camel Camel Camel

Home page of Camel Camel Camel

The uniquely named camel camel camel is a product research tool. For tracking price changes over time on Amazon. Allowing you to search for any product on Amazon and see there price history charts. They also provide price drops alerts to notify you when a certain product goes on sale. This can be used to track your competitors or even for personal use.

Knowing your competitor’s pricing history is good for the future especially if you find a trend. Seeing that they are constantly going down might indicate they haven’t found a price point that works. or Prices being put on sale at certain times of the year. Camel Camel Camel will give you

Website: CamelCamelCamel

Google Trends

Google trends searching for fidget spinners

Google Trends is used to figure out trends for certain keywords. You can use google trends for product research in a number of ways. From finding new and trending products, current events and other topic ideas. You can also use it to figure out if the product has a peak season, like camping gear will be searched more in spring and summer then it would be in winter, etc. or you can see if there is a growing trend to the product or has it simply died off like fidget spinners.

It goes beyond just validating an idea. you can use google trends to see where a certain search term is looked up by metro and find related search terms to that query and topics.

Website: Google Trends


Home page of Amazon

Yes, if you are thinking about listing it on Amazon well you better check it. There is a lot of information right on Amazon that you can use to decide on your potential product. from competitor research, pricing, sense of demand. all of this can be achieved by just doing a few product searches on Amazon. Even using Amazons search for auto-complete is a great way to do keyword research on Amazon.

Website: Amazon


Keepa Homepage

Similar to Camel Camel Camel, allows you to tracking pricing and sale rank history for any product on Amazon. They also have paid tools that are available for purchase. But for Quick access to some pricing a sales rank history Keepa is going to work just fine. Both Keepa and CamelCamelCamel offer the same information so which ever one you prefer you should use.

Website: Keepa

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Homepage

Unicorn smasher is a free chrome extension for product research on Amazon. The extension was developed by the AMZ Tracker team to give you data on product metrics sales estimates, market analysis and more. The data is collect based on information provided by Google trends and of course Amazon.

Unicorn smasher works by giving you information once you do a search on Amazon. Currently it only works on the .com and sites. Once you do a search just click the Unicorn smasher Icon to see all the data for that term or product.

Website: Unicorn Smasher

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