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best keyword research tools for amazon

Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools to Boost Rankings

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Keyword research is the starting point in creating your product listing on Amazon. Without proper keyword research, you are selling yourself short. If you are just starting out selling on Amazon or looking for a way to increase your organic traffic. This list will become your go-to for finding your keywords. Each one of the tools we listed is unique and offers either special aspects or different ways to find the best keywords.

About Our List

We didn’t rank these keyword tools out in any particular order. This isn’t a list of the “Top 10 best keyword tools of 2020” but rather a quick overview of some of the best tools on the market. Each one will have its strengths and weaknesses. But they all offer something unique that you will be able to use for keyword research. Most of what is listed below can be used with each other to create the ultimate keyword list.

Table Of Contents

Amazon Keyword Tool

Amazon Keyword Tool helps you find keywords for your product listing. The keyword tools work by using Amazons Autocomplete to find keywords for your given term. Giving you a long list of related terms for you to use on your product listing.

The tool is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is enter your main keywords and then they will provide you with the rest of the information. What is great about this tool is that it provides more information than just using Amazon autocomplete. Amazon keyword tool will provide you with 4 key metrics that will help you in making your keyword decision.

4 Metrics of Amazon Keyword Tool

  1. Search Volume—The Amount of Monthly Search for the given keyword.
  2. Trend—If the keyword is trending within Amazons search (Meaning it is a popular keyword.)
  3. CPC—The Maximum amount that advertisers are paying for that keyword on Google Search.
  4. Competition—The total Amount of Advertisers Paying on Goole.

(Please note: That this tool gathers from Google the CPC and Competition information and not Amazon itself.)

Website: Amazon Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Planner

While the Google keyword planner is a great tool for finding keywords. It uses data from Google and not Amazon to figure out the information. So it does have it positive and negatives but for the most part it is a great tool and it’s also free.

To get access to google keyword planner you will need a google ads account. Just create an account and start an advertising campaign for your website. You will need to enter your credit card information. Just don’t set your campaign to inactive and you won’t be charged and will be able to use the keyword planner.

As I mention before this is for Google but it’s still a very powerful tool that you can use for keyword research on Amazon.

Website: Google Keyword Planner

(Please note that you will need a active google ads account in order to use this feature)

Keywords Everywhere

This is one of my favorite tools for keyword research. I generally use Amazon Autocomplete feature when doing my keyword research. Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that allows you to see the estimated search volume and CPC cost for each keyword. Which is crucial information when you are trying to find new keywords for your product listing or for your advertisement campaigns.

Keywords everywhere is a easy to use extension. Once you have it installed on either Chrome or Firefox it will show results for you search queries. Just head over to Amazon and use there search and it will display the volume and CPC cost for the given keyword. Please note that these are only estimates and may and may not be the exact volume. But it is still useful to get the general idea of the cost and competition of a given term.

Website: Keywords Everywhere

Amazon Autocomplete

While I just mentioned Keyword Everywhere using Amazon to give you keywords. Just by simply typing a few keywords into Amazon search will give you tons of related keywords that you can use for your listing. Amazon has an advance autocomplete algorithm to help shoppers find the products they need faster. These keywords in Amazon’s eye are the most directly related term for your search query. Making them extremely important to be also placed on your product listing. As there are the exact keywords that Amazon thinks relates to the product.

Using a 3rd party software like Keyword Everywhere and simply searching on Amazon can give you enough information to create the ultimate keyword list. While this isn’t software I do think it is important to mention this as apart of ways to do keyword research.

Website: Amazon

Viral Launch

Viral Launch home page.

Viral Launch is a paid tool that helps you take the guesswork out of doing keyword research. While keyword research isn’t the only tool offered by Viral Launch. Viral Launch does offer other services from listing optimization, product research and competitor tracking. There keyword research tool is what we are going to take a quick look at.

The viral Launch keyword tool is great when it comes to doing keyword research. It is loaded with metrics that will help you get the best out of your choice in keywords. Such as “opportunity score” which will help you capitalize on low competition keywords. All of there search volume is based on Amazon data. You are even able to see ad bid costs so you are able to get a clear idea of how much this keyword is going to cost you. These two features alone make viral launch the per keyword research tool.

Website: Viral Launch

Word Tree

Word tree is a keyword research tool that works a little differently than the others that I have listed. What makes it great is that they have a free chrome extension. that you provide with your products ASIN and it will list what keywords you are indexing for. Not only is this great to see where you are at but you can get an idea of what your competitors are and aren’t ranking for. giving you a new way to harvest keywords for your listing.

Word tree also offers some paid service but unlike there competitors who charge a monthly subscription. Word tree offers these on a per report basis. So you are able to handle all of your keywords research with them. Also, they offer reverse ASIN lookup, Rank Tracker and PPC management.

Website: Word Tree

Scientific Seller

Get ready for the world’s slowest keyword tool. In this case, it is actually a compliment. Scientific Seller is a keyword research tool that gathers it search terms from amazon and uses autocomplete to gather even more keywords based on your original search term. Then it starts ranking them based on the number of times used. While this process takes time you can build a really solid list of keywords, long tail, and extended terms to use on your product detail page. While scientific seller might take some time to do the search they will provide you with literally thousands of keywords for you to go through.

Website: Scientific Seller

Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you probably have heard of Jungle Scout at least once or twice. They offer one of the best product research tools on the market. So obviously having an option to do keyword research is going to be apart of it.

Jungle Scout does deliver when it comes to a keyword research tool offering a wide range of important data for you to decide on the best keywords for your listing. you can view historical data for each keyword and even find keywords on global markets. Jungle scout will translate the keyword for you and give you the data for that search term. which can come in handy for even the US market if you are selling something that Spanish speaking customers will be interested in buying.

Website: Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout


Personally, this is one of my favorite tools, but I don’t necessarily use it for Amazon. This tool is king when it comes to backlinks and keywords for Google. So if you are running your own website and selling on FBA then I would suggest adding this to your Arsenal. from an SEO standpoint, it is the best tool on the market.

Ahrefs does have an option for Amazon surprisingly enough. Which is why it doesn’t just have to be used for Google. So it made the list. When using their keyword explorer you can select which search engine to gather data from which includes. Amazon, Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. Remember Amazon isn’t just a marketplace it is a search engine for products as well.

Website: Ahrefs


A simple and free tool to get keywords for your product listing. It gives you a list of related keywords, related products and a list of frequent words all gathered quicker than a google search.

Sonar is a free tool that is powered by Sellics. which offer there own tool kits as an all in one service from PPC management, product reviews to product research Sellics is able to do it all.

Website: Sonar

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is a keyword tool that specializes in finding long-tail keywords. It is available for a number of market places like Google, Walmart, and Amazon. What makes this one unique is that it allows you to search for keywords but you can add before or after the search term. For example, if you are looking for shoes and add a Asterisks (*) for after then it will supply you with search terms ending in shoes. Like “running shoes”, “hiking shoes”, etc. You can also reverse this and have it before so it will be “shoes with laces” “shoes for running” etc. This gives Keyword Dominator a unique spin on other keyword tools on the market.

Website: Keyword Tool Dominator


Kparser is a handy little tool to help you with keyword research. It specializing in finding long-tail keywords. This tool works best when you use short term keywords to get long-tail results. It also has a category filter to help you narrow down on the keywords that you want to be using for your campaigns.

Kparser works on a number of platforms from Google to Amazon making it a well-rounded keyword research tool.

Website: Kparser

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