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Amazon Vine Now Available For Brand Registered Sellers

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It has always been a challenge to get legitimate reviews on Amazon. With there ever-changing policies and cracking down on black hat techniques. The only way you can get legitimate reviews on Amazon is by sending an email after purchase. While there is other ways that border around grey and black hat techniques. Which might put your Sellers account at risk. Obtaining reviews has always been a burden. Amazon has recently released an early review program that is available to all sellers. Now they are releasing the Amazon Vine program on top of that. Which is going to be available for free for all brand registered sellers.

What is Amazon Vine

Amazon vine was a program for Vendor Central sellers. That allowed you to send products to reviewers to give there honest opinion on your product. They would often include photos and give a detailed review of the product. This did come at a cost with the average price for a Vine review around $2,500. While this would help with product launches it was too costly for most sellers. Unlike the early review program, Amazon Vine reviews are professional reviewers that write the reviews and the would include far greater details on the pro and cons of the product. The early review program is normal customers leaving a review that Amazon Solicited. They unknowingly get a reward for leaving the review. So the review can be as simple as “great product”.

For the time being the vine, the program is available for free as long as you meet the following criteria.

Requirements for Vine Program

  • Brand Registered.
  • The product must have fewer than 30 reviews.
  • Must be Amazon FBA and have Inventory.
  • No Adult Products are Allowed.

If you meet these requirements than I suggest submitting your product. Amazon currently has it for free but I don’t think this is going to last forever.

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