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Updated Communication guidelines

Amazon Updated There Communication Guidelines

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Amazon has updated its guidelines on how sellers can communicate with their customers. Over the last year, Amazon has been making changes to how sellers request reviews from their customers. For example, Amazon added a button to send an automated review request. Basically eliminating the need for third-party software. The third-party services started adding automatic review requests that comply with Amazons. Which will send out review requests without having to press the button after a week of the order shipping. But this didn’t allow you to create custom text etc. Also, it didn’t warrant the added price since all you really had to do was press a button to send out the review request anyway.

Amazon has updated its guidelines, on how and what you can do when contacting customers and opening up room to use automated software once again. Even if you don’t use third-party software. there is still some crucial information below about what you can or cannot do when contacting customers.

Please Note: That these new guidelines will go effect on November 3rd 2020.

Amazons new communication guidelines.

Amazon has broken there new communication guideline down to two groups.

  1. Permitted Messages Are any message that is necessary to complete an order or a direct response to a customer inquiry. A customer must reach out to your first in order for you to qualify for a permitted message. For example, if you send a “Thank You” message to your customer for purchasing one of your goods. This will not be allowed since the customer didn’t reach out to you in the first place. You will on the other be allowed to inform a customer that a product is currently unavailable. You will have to select no Inventory or could not ship as to the reason you are contacting the customer.
  2. Proactive Permitted Messages Are any message that you initiate without the buyer contacting you in the first place. These messages can consist of contacting the buyer through the request a review tab or with third-party applications in the Application Store, or via Application Programmer Interface (API). Remember that all Proactive messages must be sent within a 30-day window. Be writing in the buyer’s preferred language and include the 17-digit order ID.

Anything else pretty much doesn’t apply. You will have to tread lightly moving forward. When messaging customers proactively. There is some don’t that otherwise might seem like it should be fine. Thanking your customer for purchase is no longer acceptable. You can request a review and thank your customer but are no longer able just to send a thank you or friendly reminder to leave a review.

Allowed when sending permitted messages

When sending proactive permitted messages to the buyer. you must include the following information.

  1. Messages to be sent within 30 days of the order completion.
  2. All messages must include the 17 Digit order identification number.
  3. Must be written in the natural language of the buyer.

Not Allowed When Sending Permited Messages

  1. Order Shipment notifications. ( Amazon Already sends this type of message to the buyer.)
  2. Messages that only say “Thank You”. Do not send any Thank you for your order type messages to the buyer.
  3. Marketing and Promotional messages like coupon codes.
  4. Do not include any language that sounds or tries to persuade the buyer to leave a positive review/ seller feedback. This includes offering compensation, money, gift cards, free or discounted products, refunds, rebates or reimbursements, or future benefits.
  5. Requesting an update of a review or feedback is against the rules. This also applies to language used that tries to imply an update.
  6. Repeat request for a review. You are only allowed to send one review request to a customer within the 30 Day window.]

Content that is not allowed in messages

Amazon has made some adjustments to the content of the messages.

  1. No unsecured external External links. All external links must include HTTPS and not HTTP.
  2. Attachments are not allowed unless they are product instructions, warranty information, and invoices.
  3. Logos that have a link to a website are not allowed to be included.
  4. Do not include a link to opt-out of messages.
  5. Sensitive content in images. Bare Skin, Gore/ Violence, and adult images are not allowed.
  6. No tracking pixels and images.
  7. Email addresses and phone numbers.
  8. Images and of purchased products. Amazon already includes these in the email template.
  9. No related images, that don’t have to do with your brand or product listed on Amazon.

Styling of Messages that are Not Allowed

The following styling guidelines are not allowed when creating customer messages.

  1. Accessibility issues as specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative.
  2. No Emojis Or GIFS
  3. Message margins must have a max width of 20%
  4. Graphics and images can’t be larger than 80% max-width.
  5. Text can’t contain more than 3 font sizes.
  6. The message body can’t override default text alignment settings. Ie can’t override to create centered text.
  7. No more than 2 line breaks between paragraphs.
  8. Unsecured images Example HTTP instead of https.
  9. Always double-check for spelling and grammar errors.

When contacting customers please always make sure to check back with Amazon guidelines. Amazon will periodically make changes. So something that used to work before may no longer work. You may be putting your Amazon account at risk for not following the guidelines.

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