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Amazon Updated Search Term Field

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Well if you have been looking around the back-end recently you might of noticed that there is now a warning on your search term field. Amazon now limits the length of the search terms attribute to less than 250 bytes. If you don’t see a warning then you most likely have under 250 Bytes Already.

Please not this the limit on the search terms only apply to back-end keywords at this point.

For most this should be a easy enough fix unless you have a very large catalog of products. Best to start making the changes changes now and reduce the amount of keywords you have. Anything over the 250 limit will not be indexed by Amazon. So you would want to make sure that all your best and most relevant search terms are being used.

To help eliminate space try to make sure that your back-end keywords are not duplicated with your title. Amazon already accounts for the keywords in your products titles so there is no need to have them listed in your back end search terms.

If you are looking for a area to get more keywords in try redoing you product description to include some of the keywords that you will no longer be able to use in the back end search terms. The products description has the most space on Amazon to include keywords.

The bullet points are another area for you to get the most out of your search terms and should be utilized.

This isn’t the end of the world just time to make a few adjustments to your search terms and listings as mention before this should be easy enough for people who don’t have a large category.  Also a perfect time to start doing some A/B testing on your listings since you are going changes anyway.

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