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Reviews change to Ratings on Amazon

Amazon Replacing “Reviews” with Ratings

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Amazon has started to change the reviews to ratings. What does this mean? Well basically a customer is now able to just leave a rating on a product and not a full review. Products can now receive a 1 to 5 star rating without having the customer actually write anything about the product. Now the overall product ranking includes feedback from customers who rated the product as well as the traditional reviews that included text, images, or video.

Amazon has been testing out this feature since early September but has finally committed to it. The whole of Amazon U.S site is now showing “ratings” instead of reviews.

Amazon Ratings
Ratings Instead of Reviews

The change is to help encourage shoppers to leave more ratings on a single product. Ratings just take one click in order for them to review a product. The old way was to leave a rating then fill out the title and review field. This is a more straight forward approach that has drastically increased ratings for some of the bigger products on Amazon.

Source Marketlace Pulse

For Sellers this can be seen as a good and bad thing. Good in the sense that products will now get more ratings but with the lack on information regarding why a 1 or a 5 star rating was received could make the product look fake. Also it will make it impossible to figure out which customer actually left the rating in the first place. So trying to email a customer to help fix any issue they may have had will be impossible.

I suspect Amazon wouldn’t of made this change without thinking it will be more beneficial to there customers in the long run, While also increasing sales. Rating on a product without a review might make it easier for non angry customers to leave a 5 Star rating. Instead of only having angry customers leave a detailed description on how they had a negative experience.

Only time will tell so please leave your feedback on this in the comment section below. Have you seen any benefit to this or has your product been on the negative end?

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