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Amazon Replacing Recommended Products with Ads

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Amazon has started replacing the recommended products section with sponsored product ads. In a bid to increase the advertising placements on site. Brands will soon see an increase in ad spend as their ads are being placed in sections previously used by recommended products.

the recommended product section showed products that were previously clicked or bought by other customers. This section was free so to speak to get into as long as there was a significant amount of customers buying that product compared to the listing. This was an organic area for high performing products within that category.

The recommended products section has become a standard for eCommerce stores all over the web. Customers have become accustomed to seeing this and not only on Amazon. By replacing this section Amazon is moving away from what made it and is chasing advertising profits. Amazon has been steadily making an increase in its advertising platform for a number of years now. Creating a more competitive environment for us sellers. With the stake being raised even hired with more and more add spend.


Related Products are now sponsored

The new section fits in exactly where the recommendation products were featured but one key difference they are labeled. “Sponsored Related Product to this item” and “4 Stars and Above“. These sections have now become a pay to play area and all products are now sponsored. For most users, this change will go unnoticed due to the fact that the title of the area is what appears to be the only change. But all the products in this section are now paying to be there.

Amazon has been making changes to how advertisements are run on the site for some time now. Over the course of 2019, Amazon made changes to there targeting options for sponsored products. They added new features like ASIN and category targeting in which you can target keywords and even product detail pages. With this new change, we are starting to see Amazon plan play out. This is only

What are your thoughts on this have you seen any organic traffic drop on your listing?

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