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Amazon Ppc Hack

Amazon PPC Hack!

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This is not a total hack but when done right it is a great way to help improve you PPC performance and allow you to rank your product better for these keywords creating a snowball effect once your product start ranking and gaining organic traffic.

Create an EXACT match campaign for one product and only use 5 keywords MAX, with the highest search volume and which are 100% relevant to your product. (Ex. Charcoal Toothpaste instead of Toothpaste) Make sure that these keywords are exactly what the customer will be searching. If it is to general then your ACOS is going to be high.

➡️ That way you can focus on ranking for your main keywords. Raising your bid 20%-40% above Amazon’s suggested bid will allow you to generate sales FASTER and to eventually outrank your competition.

➡️ The main mistake people often make is having PPC campaigns with 100’s of keywords. They don’t make any real progress as far as ranking because they are over-extending themselves to show up for 100’s of keywords.

➡️ Therefore sales are more spread out but your products are not effectively moving up in the rankings.

➡️ By laser-targeting your top 5 main keywords as an EXACT match you’ll be able to raise your bids & rank faster for those main keywords. Generating sales for your main keywords will raise your rank for that keyword which will then create a snowball effect for organic sales as time goes on for long-tail and short tail keywords.

TIP: If you are unsure about your keywords you can create a Automatic Campaign with a low budget. Let it run for a couple of weeks and see which keywords you campaigns hit for.

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