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Amazon is making changes to there sponsored product targeting

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Amazon is making updates to its sponsored product advertisements. By adding new sponsored product targeting options to the campaigns. These updates should be rolling out and are now live for most users in the US.

Amazon has made two distinct changes to Automatic Campaigns and Sponsored Products.

Updates to Automatic Targeting

Amazon is changing how the targeting works for automatic campaigns. You are now able to select up to 4 different types of targeting groups. Which include Close Match, Loose Match, Substitutes, and Complements. You are able to add these to current campaigns or create a new campaign with the new targeting groups.

Changes to Automatic Targeting Campaigns.

Close Match – Will closely match the search term with your products. For example, if you are selling 3 pack cotton socks the search terms in might show for will include cotton socks or 3 pack socks.

Loose Match – Will show your ads to shoppers that products relate to your own. This works similar to broad search terms in sponsored product ads.

Substitutes – Will show your product on product detail pages that relate to your product. For example, a product showing 2 pack cotton socks your ad will show up showing 3 pack cotton socks.

Complements – Work by showing you advertisements on related items, cotton socks, for example, might show up for shoes or shorts.

The Bid amount for each one of these targeting options will control the order of importance. While complements might be cheap you are also less likely to get a sale. If you don’t want to use a certain bid type just set it to zero.

By adding these targeting groups it is giving the user more control over the placement of there campaigns and also opportunities to learn new keywords for your manual campaigns.

Changes to Sponsored Products

Amazon has added a new feature to manual targeting campaigns. Now you are able to add Broad, Exact and Phrase with a click of the button. It also shows the recommended bid for each structure. This is more of a UX design but definitely makes it easier for you to create new campaigns.

Default bid for each type

Finally, Amazon has added an upload feature so you will be able to bulk upload keywords from an excel file.

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