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Amazon Update on Return Process

Amazon is Making Changes to the Return Process

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Amazon has recently made two major changes to returns. That will affect US and international sellers. The first change is those international sellers within the US marketplace. Must have a valid return address for items under $10.00. Secondly, Amazon has made a 48-hour window to there A to Z claim which effects both sellers and customers.

Update to Return Process international Sellers.

From November 15, 2019, onwards. Any seller from outside of the US who is fulfilling customer orders within the US. Must provide a valid US return address for all items that are priced at $10.00 and under. If you do not provide a valid return address Amazon will issue the refund anyway and won’t require the customer to return the item to the seller.

The address that is on file will be used for all automated return labels created by Amazon. There is just over a week before this change takes effect. Which will cause some havoc for sellers outside of the US? Who doesn’t have a valid US address already set up? Some sellers will be in for a rude awakening once they figure out. That all there inventory is now being kept by the customer.

Update to A to Z Claim Window

Amazon has made an update to the A to Z claim. That gives sellers a 48-hour window to respond to A to Z claims.

Customers will have to wait 48 hours to file A to Z claim after they filed a return request. This will help lower the amount of A to Z claims being made right after submitting a return request. The seller also has a 48-hour window to respond to the claim. If the seller does not respond within 48 hours than the claim will be granted to the customer.


These changes have been updated rather quickly but I am sure most sellers will be able to adjust. Internationally sellers will have the worse end of the stick but luckily it is only affecting lower priced items.

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