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hidden amazon search terms

Amazon Hidden Search Fields

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Most people when creating a new product on Amazon. know to concentrate on Title, Bullet Points and Description. Within Amazon’s backend, there are hidden fields that will help you get a few extra organic keywords to list. I highly recommend taking full advantage of these hidden fields as this will create more organic traffic to your listings which means more sales.

#1 Search Term

For some this is obvious but you will be surprised by how much people don’t take full advantage of the search term section in there listings.

The search term section is for you to enter added keywords into the backend on Amazon. Use it for keywords that aren’t already used within your title and bullets points.

Amazon have recently changed this section by narrowing down to one line ( It used to be 5) where you can enter up to a maximum of 250 characters. Make sure you don’t repeat any keywords that are already in your title. This section should be used to add more organic keywords to your listing.

#2 Fabric Type

This is one of my favorite hidden fields within Amazon. This field basically allows you to create a 6th bullet point on your listing. This little piece added real state will help you get your message across and convince the consumer more effectively.

Fabric Type is located in the backend of Amazon, go to edit product page and under the more details you will find the fabric type section. This section will create a 6thbullet point, this bullet point actually shows up first in the listing so remember this is going to be your 1stbullet point.

Not only will this section help you drive you message about your product. It is also perfect for adding addition organic keywords to your listing.

#3 Import Designation

Just like fabric type this adds another bullet point to your listing creating a total of 7 Bullet points that you can use. This bullet point will be placed in the second position and can be used to describe where you product was manufactured.

Most sellers who have there product manufactured in the United States should post this here instead of using one of there 5 bullets points.

Import designation is located just under fabric type under edit product page and more details. When filled out it will show up as the send bullet point. Creating a total of 7 Bullets for your listing.

#4 Subject Matter

Subject matter is similar to search term field, but like the older version where you had 5 lines with 50 characters per line. Creating a total of 250 characters of added keywords to be indexed.

I use this section just how I use search term. Add keywords that aren’t already in your title, bullet points and description. I also make sure that they aren’t already put into the search term field. This is a added section to get more organic keywords.


Keywords, keywords and more keywords. These hidden fields are for you to get the most out of your listings. While giving you a chance to rank for more organic keywords.

Your Keywords should be placed in order of importance as follows:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullet Points ( this includes Fabric type and Import Designation.)
  • Search Term
  • Subject Matter

If you are a new seller then I recommend utilizing every possible aspect of Amazons backend to give you an advantage over your competitors. Even if you are veteran seller it may be time to update your product listings to include some of this hidden fields if you haven’t already.

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