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Amazon Has Made a Big Change to Review Requests

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With a simple click of a button you are now able to solicitate reviews from your customers on Amazon. They just recently added a button “Request a Review” on all shipped products. Just click the order ID and this button should be shown in the top right corner. You will be able to use this button anytime between 4 and 30 days after the product has shipped. Currently there is no way to automate this process. You will have to go through each individual order sending request to customers.

This change also comes along right after there has been a significant increase in sellers getting notifications about solicitating emails. Throughout the web on a number of different forums and groups. I have seen an increase in sellers getting these letters. I suspected there might be a change in policy along the way but was not expecting Amazon to add a button. This is going to have some complications for companies that offer automated email services. But as I mentioned before there is no way of automating this process. So there could still might be a chance to do something at a smaller fee.

Currently Amazon have not made it official that they have updated there policy on using third policy services for soliciting emails. There has been a increase in sellers getting notifications. Plus they just released this button so a change could be along the way.

Amazon has already made a change to the reviews just few weeks ago by adding ratings to products. And now adding this new feature is a great change and defiantly a positive for most sellers. It also gives Amazon more control over product reviews being mulipulated. So for me this is a welcome change. Just wish there will be a way to automate review requests. Otherwise VA’s will be getting a lot go work 😛

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