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Amztut is on a Mission to help you become a successful online entrepreneur.


Amztut started out with pure frustration. After seeing gurus online trying to sell courses on how to make millions in a matter of months. By creating an FBA business or by drop shipping on Shopify. I knew it was fake but people are falling for it every day wasting money on something that is either already online for free or is never going to work for them




 I knew I had to do something. I wanted to create a resource that discusses how to become an online entrepreneur without having to buy an online course. To try and combat these online gurus by creating a site everyone and can go to and reference. I want everyone to be able to learn how to become successful on their own. To create and experience a life they dream on having.




Amztut isn’t here to try and sell you anything we just think that the world needs more entrepreneurs. We want you to become successful without having to pay for a course you don’t need.