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Mistakes Advertisers make on Amazon

5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Sellers Make on Amazon

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Sellers on Amazon make mistakes all the time, it is more human nature more than anything. But marketing mistakes are going to cost you more money then it is worth. Especially if you keep making the same old mistakes time and time again. Listed below are the most common marketing mistakes I see sellers make and ways to stop it from happening.

Mistake #1 Not optimizing Product Listings.

I see this all the time, sellers put up the quickest listing possible and don’t take the time to properly fill in everything or have low-quality images, titles, bullet points, and description. The product listing is where you are sending all of your customers to. This is step #1 in marketing your product on Amazon and if your product listing is not up to par then it can be the downfall for the rest of your campaigns.


By creating a fully optimized product listing you increase clicks, improve conversion and grow profits. Also, you aren’t wasting your marketing fund by sending people to a listing that isn’t optimize to convert. The success of any Amazon marketing campaign starts with your product listing.

The best way to improve a product detail page:

Creating a fully optimized product listing revolves around 5 Key Points. Each one of these needs to be fully optimize.

1.       Product Title

2.       Product Images

3.       Key Product Features

4.       Product Listing Description

5.       Amazon Product Reviews

6 . Backend Keywords

This list is create in order of relevance. Start by optimizing your product title and work down the list following the standard guidelines.

If you are looking for a more detailed explanation of how how to optimize an Amazon product detail page. read that article.

Mistake # 2 Not optimizing Advertising Campaigns.

This is a big one, just because you hit launch does not mean your job is over. Yes I am sure you will be getting some sales on certain keywords but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for improvement. Not going back and optimizing your campaign is just wasting advertising budget. It is easy to forget when sales are coming in but you want to increase your profit margins and not lower them. There will always be keywords that are struggling to convert.


To run a good advertisement campaign you are going to need to optimize the campaign regularly. The best way to do so is utilizing the customer search term report. ( Which is located under the Reports>Advertising Reports in seller central.) Within the search term report you are able to find low performing keywords and adjust the bids for the effective ones. Add all low performing keywords to your negative keywords field. Keywords that are performing well can have a increase in bid, just make sure this aligns with your ACoS goals. Make sure that you are making adjustments and letting them run for two weeks or so. This will help you better judge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Mistake # 3 Setting and Forgetting Automatic Advertisement Campaigns.

Just because the campaign is automatic and Amazon is selecting the keywords to show for you. Doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to optimize the campaign. Most of the time, Amazon will be showing your product on non relevant keywords. Which is slowly eating up your daily budget. While automatic campaigns are great for finding new keywords, the are also just as effective at finding the bad ones.


Once again utilize the customer search term report. Find the keywords within this report that have a low conversion rate and a high ACoS also scan for anything that isn’t relevant. Automatic campaigns work best with a low daily budget, once they find a keyword that converts well, I stop it from showing in my Automatic and Add it to my manual campaign. which has a higher daily spend budget and is more targeted. Just use automatic campaigns as a way of finding new keywords for your manual campaigns.

Mistake # 4 Setting all search terms to broad

By default every keyword you add is set to broad search term. Which is fine when you are creating your first campaign. But after a while you will need to start targeting phrases and exact match in order to rank higher in Amazon and to lower your ACoS. By not adjusting you search type you are lowering your chances of success.


With every campaign that you are running create separate campaigns for each one of the match types. For example if you are running a Sneaker Campaign. Run Sneaker Broad, Sneaker Phrase and Sneaker Exact. Once keywords start performing well in your broad campaign. You can move them to phrase and then to broad. This will allow you to have more control over your advertisement campaigns. This also allows your to rank high for each one of the keywords in the exact campaign if it is performing well.

Mistake # 5 Amazon shouldn’t be your only advertisement plateform.

To truly get the most out of your listing advertising on Amazon shouldn’t be your only form. Inbound marketing is often the most neglected, because it’s hard to immediately gauge their impact on your sales. Over time though having the correct mix of social media and influence marketing will increase brand awareness. This will not only drive more sales to amazon but should show more sales across all plateforms.


Start building a social media follow, get out there and find some influencers that will send people to your listings. There is 1,000’s of blogs out there and I am sure there is blogs within your niche. Get your product on these blogs. Most webmasters want to make money off of amazon affiliate link’s anyway. Building a stronger brand presence off of Amazon in the long run will be more beneficial than directly advertising on Amazon. But remember this is a slow process so try to take steps everyday.


Get out there and start optimizing you advertisement campaigns. If you don’t you are more likely to be spending more money then it is worth. Even if you advertisement campaigns are running good check back every couple of weeks. Things change all the time on Amazon from new competitors bidding on the same keywords . To seasonal changes, make sure you are always checking back to make sure you are getting the most out of your campaigns.

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